System Requirements

ADAPT is an assessment that New Zealand flight training schools use to assess your suitability for pilot training

Before you start the test you will need to check that your computer has the following capabilities:


We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox to sit this assessment. As the assessment uses Flash you will need to follow these instructions.


  • You will need a webcam to take the test.
  • You will be asked to configure your webcam once you are in the ADAPT application. The application will explain this process. A web cam snapshot of you taking the test is required in order to validate your results.
  • You must leave the camera in a stable position (directed at your face) during the assessment so that we can monitor that you complete the full test yourself.


You must have Flash Player 10 installed. Most web browsers will automatically update new versions of the Flash Player as they become available. The ADAPT application will check the Flash Player version and provide links to the Adobe download site if required.


You will need sound capability in order to complete the assessment. We also suggest a headset but this is a matter of choice.

Pop-up Blockers

Pop-up blockers, adware, and virus protection applications can prevent the test functioning correctly. If you experience technical issues accessing the test, then please disable all such applications and retry.

iPads or iPhones

The software will not work on iPads or iPhones.

Click here for more information about the ADAPT pre-screening assessment.

Call us: 0800 863 693 or email ADAPT is a licensed product, administered in New Zealand by ServiceIQ.