Decode your results

ADAPT™ is an assessment that New Zealand flight training schools use to assess your suitability for pilot training

About the Report

Your report will be available to download as a PDF as soon as you complete the assessment. Note that your report is only available to download for 90 days.


Your performance for the overall test and specific levels are categorised into 5 colour bands to indicate your level to the comparison group.

Your results compare your performance, approach and strategy in both Attempt 1 and Attempt 2 of the FAST test and indicate whether learning was demonstrated.

For this test your performance and learning will be demonstrated through 3 areas: physical skill, cognitive skill and situational awareness.

Personality Assessment

Your silhouette profile is a combination and interaction of the opposing characteristics that make up the following key behavioural constructs:

  • Learning Style
  • Orientation
  • Mode
  • Atrribution
  • Application
  • Motivation

An additional description relating to your silhouette profile is provided, which describes behaviours and tendencies associated with high scores on the relevant scales. More balanced scores will produce a muted demonstration of these behaviours.

Scales are presented for each of the 6 key behavioural constructs, displaying the strength of your score as a percentage for the related characteristics.

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