About the assessment

ADAPT is an assessment that New Zealand flight training schools use to assess your suitability for pilot training

Read this page to find out more about the ADAPT© pre-screening tool

This online assessment tool has been developed by UK-based company Symbiotics. It is provided by ServiceIQ and is the standard pre-selection tool for anyone wanting to apply for government funded sub-degree pilot training in New Zealand.

The online assessment tests whether you have the physical skills and personality to be successfully trained as a pilot. It will take about 10 minutes to complete.

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What is it that I will need to do?

Although the test displays a cockpit environment, and some of the tasks are aviation related, you are not being tested on a flight simulator. You will not need to taxi, take off or land an aircraft.

Instead, the test prompts you through to complete a series of tasks through different interfaces. This is to gather information about your physical coordination & dexterity, cognitive aptitude across psychometric tests, as well as situational awareness through visual and auditory triggers.

What to expect in the test

Part One
Computer setup & test.
The program will test that your webcam, keyboard and speakers/headset are working. You will get detailed instructions about what to do in your test, the keyboard commands, etc.
Part Two
Personality Assessment
You will be asked a series of questions. Your answers will help develop a personality profile.
Part Three
Main Assessment
You will be presented with a screen that looks similar to a flight simulator, however you do not control the activity of the aircraft. Instead you will use your computers mouse and keyboard to respond to various visual and audio prompts. At the end of the test you will be asked questions to see how you reflect on what you have seen, heard and done.
Part Four
The test will then replay Part Three of the assessment, giving you the exact same assessment. You will be given the ability to improve your performance based on knowing what to expect.

What do I get at the end of the assessment?

You will receive a details report by the end of the next normal business day. The report will have an overall score as well as a personality assessment, learning score etc. Click to find out more about the ADAPT© Report.

Is the personality assessment accurate?

NZSkillsConnect surveyed the first 100 users who used this tool. 95% of respondents agreed that the results were either totally correct, a fair representation of their personality, or some of their personality traits were described.

How hard is the test?

Most people (64% of the survey respondants) found the test difficult. It is therefore important that you are well prepared for the test. Ensure that you take the test somewhere quiet, that you are wide awake and not distracted during the test.

Can I get more detailed instructions?

The briefing that we have published on this page should prepare you for the assessment. More details are included once the assessment starts, but how quickly you interpret that information is part of the assessment so we cannot publish further details.

Why do I need to do this test?

This pre-screening assessment is a requirement for all trainees enrolling in a New Zealand Diploma of Aviation (Aeroplane or Helicopter) or the Massey University Bachelor of Aviation programme. When you apply to enrol at a flight training school that teaches these qualifications, you will be asked to submit a copy of your ADAPT© results report.

This test is an internationally-recognised tool for assessing if people have the abilities required to become pilots. Working as a pilot is not for everyone – training is difficult and expensive, and a career as a pilot can be stressful and demanding. This test will help you and your flight training school identify your chance of success before you begin training.

Does this test guarantee me a place at the flight school?

This assessment does not guarantee that you will be accepted into a pilot training course. It is only an initial assessment of your ability to complete training and become a pilot. It will help the flight training school identify whether you are a suitable trainee, but you will also be required to meet other requirements. Every flight training school has its own selection criteria. You may be required to sit further aptitude tests or have an interview with someone at the training school.

What does it cost?

It costs $80 plus GST ($92 including GST) to sit the online assessment. You will be asked to pay online by credit card before you can access the test.

How does the test work?

Once your payment has been accepted, you will be provided with a unique link to access the test environment. This will also be emailed to you. When you are ready to sit the test, you can use this link to log in. Please note you can stop and start the test at any time, but your license link will expire once you have completed the test.

Full instructions for the assessment will be provided once you have logged in. You will be briefed on all stages of the assessment as you progress.

What do I need to have to sit the test?

To sit the test you will need to use a computer with broadband internet access, sound and a web-cam.

The web-cam is required to ensure people who apply for flight training schools sit this test themselves. The pre-screening tool will take still images of the person taking the test at various times. These images will be compared with the identification provided by applicants when they apply for enrolment at a flight training school, to verify that the person who took the test is the same person applying for enrolment.

During the ADAPT© test you will be able to see what your webcam is recording. Ensure that you are clearly visible as a poor image may result in the flight training school not accepting your test result

Click here to read the System Requirements

What results will I get?

When you have completed the test you will receive a copy of a report that gives the results of your personality assessment and physical assessment. It will give an overall result that tells you whether or not you are well-suited to becoming a pilot. Results will be emailed with in 24 hours (or next business day if completed over a weekend/public holiday) of completing the test.

You can choose to send a copy of this report directly to one of the flight training schools listed on this website. Please note that a copy of this report will also be retained by ServiceIQ and may be released to flight training schools on request. Check all the Terms and Conditions.

What if I fail the test?

This is not a pass/fail test, but your overall result may indicate that you are not well-suited for a career as a pilot. You can still choose to apply to a flight training school. It will be their decision as to whether or not they select you for training, based on this test and their own selection processes.

However, if your result is poor, you may want to consider other career pathways in the aviation sector. There are a huge range of exciting career options on offer, from air traffic controllers to aeronautical engineers and ground operations staff. 

If you believe the test was inaccurate because you were distracted or for any other reason, you can choose to re-sit it. You will be charged the full cost each time you sit the test. For this reason, please make sure you take the test in a place that is quite and free from distractions.

What preparation do I need to do?

There is no preparation required for the test. It is a test of your natural ability to learn and process information. All of the information you need will be provided when you do the test.

Call us: 0800 863 693 or email adapt@ServiceIQ.org.nz ADAPT is a licensed product, administered in New Zealand by ServiceIQ.