Working in Accommodation

The accommodation sector is all about giving a warm welcome and taking the time to give guests a great experience. This sector includes all businesses that provide somewhere to sleep as part of their offer to guests, including hotels, motels, lodges, holiday parks, backpackers and serviced apartments.

If you like the thought of looking after people from different countries, sharing your experience of New Zealand, preparing guests' rooms, a tasty and well presented meal, or pouring a glass of fine New Zealand wine, then the accommodation sector is for you.

The variety of accommodation job roles includes general managers, duty managers, owner/operators, food and beverage managers, restaurant and bar managers, waiters, baristas, bartenders, front office managers, front office supervisors and receptionists, executive housekeepers, housekeeping supervisors and room attendants.

The accommodation sector works closely alongside other sectors within the greater hospitality industry. People often enter this exciting sector from quick service (fast food) outlets, restaurants, cafes, bars, catering or food services. Retail, travel and tourism businesses enable people with customer service experience to easily transfer to careers in the accommodation sector.

It’s easy to move across workplaces in the accommodation sector if you like changing roles. You can check an international guest into a luxury hotel, be the owner of your own motel or work in a remote, beautiful part of our country and gain skills that are in demand anywhere in the world.

The best thing about the accommodation sector is working with customer service people just like yourself from all over the world, the opportunity for travel, building your own career and having fun doing it.