National Diploma in Tourism Management - Level 5

This qualification is for people working in, or aspiring to, roles involving supervisory and/or business management responsibilities in the tourism industry. The qualification comprises compulsory tourism-specific unit standards that recognise the specialised knowledge and skills required at management level the tourism industry.

These skills include the ability to research, analyse, and demonstrate knowledge in the following areas
• Concepts of supply and demand in tourism
• Requirements for establishing and operating a small to medium size tourism enterprise
• Tourism systems and structures
• Social, cultural,environmental, and community contexts of tourism enterprises
• Customer service and customer service strategies for a tourism enterprise
• The current state of,and factors impacting on the future of, New Zealand tourism
• Tourism destination marketing.

These skills can be further specialised through the selection of unit standards to meet the requirements of Elective 1. This elective of tourism sector-specific unit standards is designed to allow the candidate to select unit standards that are applicable to their workplace or intended career direction.

Elective 2 ensures that the candidate gains a sound basis of business and management knowledge and skills to complement the skills they have gained through achieving the compulsory tourism-specific unit standards. This elective also allows the candidate to acquire further skills to support and complement tourism sector and management competencies.

This qualification is designed to build on the knowledge and skills recognised by National Certificates in Tourism at level 3 and 4 and associated Tourism unit standards at level 4 and above.

Special Notes
• Any one of the National Certificates in Tourism at level 3 or 4, with the exception of the National Certificate in Tourism and Travel (Core Skills) (Level 3) [Ref: 0875].
• Candidates who hold the National Certificate in Tourism and Travel (Core Skills) (Level 3) [Ref: 0875] also require 30 credits at level 4 or above from the subfield: Tourism.
• Candidates may enter training programmes on the basis of demonstrated equivalent knowledge and skills.

Recognition of prior learning will be carried out by accredited providers and registered workplace assessors who have systems in place for determining that the candidate’s competence meets the standards specified in the relevant units.