National Certificate in Hospitality (Operations Supervision) - Level 4

This qualification recognises the skills and knowledge required by supervisors in a junior or departmental manager’s role in a commercial hospitality environment.

The compulsory section of the qualification covers a range of first line management, adult education and training, occupational health and safety, work and study skills, interpersonal communication and hospitality operations skills and knowledge. The strands enable candidates to select the unit standards relating to the area in which they work from the food and beverage, gaming, accommodation and front office areas.

This certificate can lead on from the proposed National Certificate in Hospitality (Level 3), the National Certificate in Hospitality (Front Office) (Level 3) with an optional strand in Hotel Systems [Ref: 0557] and the National Certificate in Hospitality (Food and Beverage Service) (Level 3) with strands in Food Service, Barista, Beverage Service, Bar Service, Wine Service and Functions Service [Ref: 0556], and can be a pathway to the National Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) (Level 5) with strands in Kitchen Management; Food and Beverage Management; Rooms Division Management; and Functions Management [Ref: 1245].