Southern Wings Aviation College

Southern Wings is one of New Zealand’s pioneering flight training aviation colleges. Its location provides an opportunity to develop some extraordinary experience and skills, presenting a wide variety of flight training challenges including variable weather and environments from maritime to alpine and everything in between.
Although having been selected by Air New Zealand as a Flight Training Organisation partner which will provide students with a pathway into an airline pilot career, Southern Wings has not forgotten that pilots must take their first steps as a pilot in the challenging general aviation environment and is committed to preparing students for a future in both general aviation and the airline environment.
With these career steps in mind Southern Wings continues to work closely with industry operators at all levels from local airline and scenic operations through to New Zealand’s national carrier.
A staff of instructors who are admirably qualified, experienced and capable will invest in helping you achieve your aviation goals. Academically Southern Wings students continue to achieve at well above national average standards. They are also committed to working with modest sized groups of students on a personal level in a part of the country where hospitality is legendary and people matter above other things.
We look forward to answering your questions; meeting you and helping you build a career pathway to your goal which together we can achieve.