Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics

  • May also be known as: Air Force Aviation Electronics Engineer, Air Force Engineer (Avionics), Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics), Licensed Aircraft Engineer (Avionics), Licensed Avionics Engineer
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Aircraft maintenance engineers maintain and repair an aircraft’s electrical, instrument, navigation and radio systems, normally referred to as the avionics systems. Avionics engineers ensure that aircraft avionics systems (including oxygen and cabin pressure) are working correctly and meet all original equipment manufacturers (OEM), regulatory and safety requirements.

You will have the skills to read and understand wiring diagrams, maintenance manuals, overhaul manuals and service information published by an aircraft/component manufacturer. Your everyday role will involve servicing the aircraft/component and maintaining accurate maintenance records.It is important to follow set procedures and processes in the aircraft maintenance manuals to make sure that work is completed methodically and logically.

As a LAME you will be required to supervise Aircraft Maintenance Engineers / Aircraft Mechanics, you will also check that all schedules work and defect rectification has been completed to the required standards before signing off / certifying this work.

Once the aircraft and/or component have been maintained it will be your responsibility to ensure that all paperwork has been completed correctly and then and only then “Release the Aircraft/Component to Service”.