Working in Travel

This is an exciting and fast-changing industry for people who love travel and working with people.

Travel agents are the professionals who help people plan and book their travel – whether they are travelling for work purposes, for personal reasons or for a well-earned holiday.

Working in the travel industry requires a range of skills, including attention to detail, sales skills and the ability to give great customer service. Things change quickly in the travel industry, so agents need to have an in-depth knowledge of products, fares and travel regulations. They need to be flexible, quick-thinking and willing to go the extra mile to help clients making the bookings they need, on time and on budget.

A travel professional is, first and foremost, a salesperson. Success comes from having excellent people skills and being able to turn a travel need into business profit.

As a travel agent, your job is to inform and advise clients on customs regulations, passports, visas, currency regulations and tourist attractions. You compile itineraries, book flights, tours, accommodation and car rental. You also make recommendations to clients based on your own experience or knowledge that you gain either on the job or from your own travels.

A positive, can-do attitude is the key to becoming a successful travel agent. No day is ever the same. If you like working with people, selling, and work well under pressure, then a travel agent career provides rewards others dream about.

It’s the best way to travel all over the world and meet people every day. You become an expert in coordinating travel across the wide range of transportation, accommodation and destination attractions.

Becoming a travel agent is a great way to share your love for adventure and discovery with other people.