Working in Museums and Galleries

Museums and art galleries around New Zealand offer careers for people with an interest in our culture and heritage.

There are around 3,500 people currently employed in New Zealand museums and many more who volunteer their time. These people care for more than 40 million heritage items. Their job is to protect and share our arts, culture and history, by collecting, researching, interpreting and exhibiting heritage items.

Museums and galleries are an important part of New Zealand communities. They attract visitors from both here and overseas, and offer varied and exciting experiences to visitors. Each year around eight million people visit a New Zealand museum or gallery.

The range of career pathways on offer in the museums and galleries sector is complex and varied. There are hands-on tasks for technicians and collection managers. Visitor hosts help the public visiting the venue while curators, researchers and interpreters develop exhibitions. 

Some museum professionals specialise in subject areas such as history, science, visual art or Maori culture. Management and administration roles ensure the organisation runs smoothly, effectively and provides a safe and secure environment for the staff, visitors and collections.

Museum people are passionate and dedicated. They care for and about our arts, culture and heritage, and tell the stories that bring them alive for visitors. They feel the excitement of learning about a new object in the collection, developing an exhibition from an idea to opening day, or helping visitors making new discoveries.

If you want a challenging, focused and varied career that gives you the opportunity to be a part of our cultural heritage, then museums are for you.