Christopher Ngaro: Loading Supervisor, Air New Zealand

Chris has been working for Air New Zealand since 2006. He is now a Loading Supervisor based at Wellington Airport. His role includes supervising the team that ensures baggage, cargo and passengers are safely loaded onto aircraft.

How did you get started in airport operations?

I got started in the airport operations sector in 2006 as a loader for Air New Zealand, based in Wellington. I had been working in an office environment. I was looking for a challenge and the chance to work outdoors was one factor that appealed to me.

What is one of the things that you enjoy most about working in the aviation industry?
One of the things I enjoy about working for Air New Zealand is the people I work with and the different attributes they bring to the job. From planning a flight, to baggage make-up through to actually loading a plane, its all about planning, communication and working as a team.

What is one of the highlights that you have had?
I've had many highlights during my career but one that stands out would be taking part in producing Wellington's GAP (Ground Accident Prevention) video, highlighting operating procedures and health and safety on the tarmac. The video is now used when training new recruits in Wellington.

What training have you had, either on the job or pre-employment?
When I first started, I knew absolutely nothing about the tarmac or the vast amount of equipment used when servicing the aircraft. The majority of my training was done on the job and it has proved invaluable. I can now push back aircraft, sign off Loading Instruction Report's and use equipment most people would never get a chance to use. The best advice I was given by a trainer was "be aware of your surroundings", which I live by when working.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to work in the airport operations sector?
I love my job and I get to work with a lot of people from different departments. No two days are the same so working in this sector isn't for the faint hearted and it does involve a lot of lifting. But if you think you can handle a challenge then this is a really good place to start. You will learn a lot within the first year and the training never stops.